Financial Information

Financial Information

Even though the exact amount of money you should expect to pay for dental work lets say dental implants in our practice can not be estimated easily it has to be said that the cost of dental work in Greece is around 50% of the cost of the same quality work in UK, Germany , Scandinavia or Switzerland, whereas concerning the dental treatment in USA the cost in Greece is 3 to 4 times less. This is due to the lower cost of life in the country and not due to the lower standards of the materials we use. For example we use the well known implant system Frialit-2 (Friadent, Germany).

The first visit and any x-rays taken are without charge.

We expect you to pay 50% of the total cost of the dental work at the start of the treatment with the rest of the money divided in equal amounts during and before the completion of the treatment.

– We accept all valid travel insurances

For any information concerning the cost of a prospective dental work please contact us.