Crowns and Bridges

If a tooth has already been damaged considerably, it may happen that the patient needs a covering crown. The appropriately prepared aesthetic crown may help in cases where an aesthetic problem cannot be solved with a filling. If a tooth has been damaged to the extent that it becomes unpreventable to extract it, a bridge replacement is recommended.

The lack of even one tooth could alter the function and aesthetics of the whole masticatory apparatus as a functional unit. With a small bridge replacement we can prevent masticatory joint symptoms or aesthetics defects.

The perfect quality of crowns and bridges prepared in aesthetic dentistry are assured by the appropriate preparation technique, application of the most up-to-date materials as well as the professional dental technology support.

No more grey gingival margin or inflammation of the gum due to a non-fitting crown edge! Just as if you got back your own tooth. For single crowns or smaller number of missing teeth the replacement can be produced completely free of metals and therefore it seems even more natural (full porcelain crown).

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