Aesthetic Dentistry

Successful persons target perfectness. With their blinking smile they radiate vigour, self-confidence and dynamism.

Dentists dealing with aesthetics dentistry are followers of a modern attitude. This branch of dentistry is young because the modern technologies applied for restoring teeth and replacing missing teeth are also new.

Even slight miracles can come true with the help of the methods applied and proved to be successful in America and Western Europe.

In the course of restoring damaged and decayed teeth we follow the natural shape, colour and transparency of the original undamaged tooth. There is no grey gingival margin or gingivitis due to a non-fitting crown edge! The filling, the crown restoring insert or the full porcelain crown are so realistic that a non-professional will not recognise it even after close inspection. Aesthetics dentistry hardly ever uses metals, e.g. amalgams.

Metals have been substituted with modern aesthetic materials through which perfect and natural-looking restoration has become possible. Demand for aesthetic dentistry is also enhanced by the growing number of metal allergy diseases because these methods can also be applied for persons suffering form allergy to metals.

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  • Aesthetic fillings
  • Porcelain inlays and crowns
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